phaser as2

main controller unit
with power cable 115 Volt, rotatable operating panel, turn- and push button, 7’’ TFT-Screen with remote control for video support, handpiece with integrated gas flow and ceramic insert, gas hose (300cm), integrated micro motor with diamond disc, 10 pieces special tungsten electrodes, brass brush, rotatable cable connecting box, connecting cable with ”alligator” clip, black 100 cm, flexible contact connecting cable, black 100 cm, connecting cable with ”alligator” clip, red 100cm, connecting cable 75 cm and adapter cable 13 cm for pin welding, handpiece adapter for pin welding and 10 pins 1,3 mm

with 4 to 20x magnification, LCD sliding shutter, swivel arm with table stand and front support, handpiece holding arm with high power LED lighting, hand rests

Item #: as2-1452