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Company profile

In May 2000, Joachim Mosch founded primotec, the first company in the primogroup corporation. Since then, the Group has been profiting from his wealth of experience in the dental technology sector.

Shortly after, the second primogroup company - primodent - was founded, as a division for innovative, high quality products addressing dentists and dental clinics.

Thanks to its highly motivated team and competent partners, primotec has been a forerunner in identifying key issues in dental technology, developing innovative product solutions and positioning them on the market.

primotec is committed to offering innovative developments and novel products that outstandingly improve the quality of every piece of dental work they are used to create, and to contributing to greater efficiency and streamlining workflows in the dental laboratory.

primotec is proud that true innovations like the MetaconSystem, primosplint, the phaser welding units and primopattern have led to the company's growing national and international renown in the fields of dental technology and dentistry.

In 2004 the primogroup started to build up an independent subsidiary for the US and Canadian markets, initially in New York City. In 2007 the office was moved to Norwalk, CT and is since then headed by Vice-President Christopher Urist.