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primotec USA

215 Westport Ave.
Norwalk, CT 06851
Tel.:  +1 / 203 / 682.6429
FAX: +1 / 212 / 929.7444

Notice of liability: Some links provided in this web site may lead to web sites furnished by independent web site owners. The information presented therein is the sole responsibility of those web site owners. Primotec USA has no control or responsibility for the content of independent web sites and provides these links to its visitors for their convenience.

Legal notice:

The following terms and conditions govern the use of Primotec USA web site including all material accessible on or from the Web site. Please read this legal notice before accessing or using the Primotec USA web site. By accessing the web site you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you do not wish to accept these terms and conditions, please do not use the web site.

Content of the web site
Primotec USA endeavors to update the contents of the Web site and to deliver correct information to the Internet user. Nonetheless, Primotec USA shall not be held responsible for any possible errors and/or omissions. Primotec USA reserves all rights to modify, terminate, suspend or interrupt any or all of the Web site's services or contents without prior warning. The Internet user may signal any error or omission to the following email address: info[at] Any usage of the Web site not conforming to its original intent and any violation of these terms and conditions may result in the application of criminal and civil penalties provided for by law.

Access to the Web site
Access to the services is made through a personal computer connected to a telecommunications network enabling access to the Web site in accordance with the communications protocols commonly employed on the Internet. Primotec USA endeavors to maintain accessibility to the Web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but without incurring any obligation to effectively deliver as such. For maintenance purposes, updates, and any other reason, specifically of a technical nature, access to the Web site may be occasionally interrupted. In no event shall Primotec USA be held responsible neither for these interruptions nor for any consequences that may thereby ensue? for the Internet user. In addition, Primotec USA shall not be held responsible for the existence of any malware on the Web site nor for any consequences that may thereby ensue for the Internet user.

Hypertext links placed on the Web site
The web site may contain hypertext links to other web sites that are not managed and/or not authored by Primotec USA. In no manner whatsoever does Primotec USA exercise any control over the information, products or services offered by such linked web sites and may in no circumstances be held responsible for the contents of any such web sites. Accessing such web sites by the Internet user is the sole responsibility of the user and done at user's own risk.

Registered Trademarks
Trademarks featured on the web site are either the property of Primotec USA and/or its parent company Primotec Germany. Access to the Web site grants no other rights other than viewing the Web site's contents. The publishing of this Web site on the Internet does not derogate any usage license of the trademarks cited, as any such usage is dependent on the express, prior, written authorization of the trademark owner(s).

Author's rights / Copyright / Trademarks and designs / Patents   
The Web site is an intellectual work protected by the rights of intellectual property. All elements of the Web site are the exclusive property of Primotec USA and/or its parent company, being the only body authorized to exercise the relevant intellectual property and personality rights. The Internet user does not acquire any license nor any other right other than that of consulting the Web site. The Web site and its constituent components are protected by law of the USA and international legal conventions relative to respecting author's rights, copyrights, designs and trademarks and patents. The reproduction and/or representation of any aspect of the web site is strictly limited to the private use of the individual viewing of the web site.

Treatment of personal data
Primotec USA may request the Internet user to provide personally identifying data (name, address, email address, profession, etc.). The Internet user retains the rights to access, correct or delete any such personal data. The modification or deletion will be executed as soon as possible upon receipt of the request. Certain information not corresponding to personal data and not enabling the identification of the Internet user may be recorded by the servers used by Primotec USA (browser used, IP address, etc.). The Internet user is hereby informed that a cookie may be automatically installed in the user's browser upon visiting the Web site. The cookie is a block of data that does not enable identification of the Internet user but which serves to record information relative to the user's navigation within the web site (the pages that have been visited, the date and time of visiting, etc.). The use of cookies is intended to permit analyses of web site visit frequencies, audience measurements etc. with the intent of improving the Web site's quality. Your browser contains typically an option enabling cookies to be refused. This does not prevent connection to our Web site, but may negatively affect the Web site's performance. The collection of personal information identifying the Internet user is intended for use by Primotec USA, however, such information may be transmitted by Primotec USA to third parties, most notably to other companies belonging to the Primogroup.

Primotec USA applies technical and organizational security techniques in order to protect the data that it manages against accidental and intentional manipulation, against the loss or destruction of the data, and against the access to this data by unauthorized persons. These security measures are constantly being improved in correlation with technological developments.

It is forbidden: to use the Web site or communication services to forward chain mail, "junk mail", "spam" or any repetitive or unsolicited mail (commercial or otherwise); to harvest or collect, in any manner whatsoever, information relating to third parties, notably email addresses, without the agreement of the third parties concerned; to create or exploit false identities, to falsify an email address or header, or attempt to mislead third parties in any manner whatsoever as to the identity of the message sender or as to the origin of the message; to forward any inappropriate content such as is defined and referenced below under "Inappropriate Content"; to forward any element containing a virus or other component that is harmful or detrimental to the Web site or to third parties or in contravention of the law; to attempt to access the offered services in an unauthorized manner of other accounts, information systems or networks connects to the Web site services through the usage of various passwords or by any other means: or to interfere with the use and enjoyment of the service by any other Internet user or with the use and enjoyment of similar services by the means of another entity. Inappropriate Content includes any language, comments, remarks and images considered by Primotec USA as being obscene, deceptive, illegal, racist, defamatory or conducive to harassment, violating third party rights or restraining and/or preventing the use of other Internet users of the forums or chat rooms accessible through the Web site. The use of the Web site, its services and any element or information obtained through it, is the exclusive responsibility of the Internet user. Primotec USA does not provide the Internet user with any guarantee of any sort, express or implicit, as to the quality of the Web site's services or their commercial quality, consistency, or to research results that meet the Internet user's expectations, and refuses all responsibilities as regards possible disputes, actions or recourse by third parties who might wish to lay claim to their rights, notably private rights, over any content not created by Primotec USA. In addition, Primotec USA shall not be held responsible for: any lack of performance of the Web site and/or any software used or downloaded from the Web site; any loss of data or services resulting from delays, modifications, suspensions or interruptions to its services; inaccuracy, poor quality or the very nature of the information obtained through its services; any consequences deriving directly or indirectly from the transmission of malware through its servers; nor for any manipulation by any unauthorized persons of data on the Web site or of data pertaining to the Internet user. Primotec USA shall likewise not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages, notably but not exclusively including loss of profits, clientele, or data, all intangible benefits, loss of opportunity for income or any other loss or damages possibly arising from the use or, on the contrary, non-use caused by inaccessibility of the Web site. As regards Personal Content, such as is defined below, supplied by Internet users, Primotec USA declines all responsibility relating to the existence of such content in chat rooms or in any other discussion service. Such Personal Content, be it opinions, declarations, recommendations or points of view, is representative uniquely of the opinions, declarations, recommendations and points of view of the Users and never expressly nor implicitly those of Primotec USA. The Web site may contain links to other web sites that are not managed and/or not authored by Primotec USA. In no manner whatsoever does Primotec USA exercise any control over the information, products or services offered by such linked web sites and may in no circumstances be held responsible for the contents of any such web sites. The Internet user agrees to indemnify and defend Primotec USA against any and all claims, damages, losses, costs, including without limitation, loss of income, or loss of data, whether direct or indirect arising from any violation by the Internet user of any of the conditions of this legal notice.

Applicable law – Jurisdiction
This Web site and its contents, as with these Web site terms and conditions, are governed by the laws of the USA. Any litigation related to this Web site and its use shall be brought before the federal courts of the USA. In the event that any of these measures described in these terms and conditions shall be declared null or void, such measures shall be interpreted in a manner so as to best reflect the original intentions of Primotec USA and all other measures shall remain considered as legally valid and legally enforceable. The non-application or absence of an applicable claim by Primotec USA for any one of the measures in these terms and conditions or of any other right shall in no case be deemed as a relinquishment by Primotec USA of such measures or rights unless such relinquishment is explicitly granted in writing.

Modification of these terms and conditions of use
Primotec USA reserves all rights to modify at any time and without consent or notice any or all of these Web site terms and conditions of use, specifically as regards any new regulatory or legislative actions or any efforts made to improve usage of the Web site by the Internet user. Any future modification to usage of the Web site shall be included within these terms and conditions.